Tonight is “SHARADH POORNIMA”.The rays of the moon have special curative properties which are so nourishing.So go out & see moon!


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  1. bhaktai
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 00:19:13

    oh krishna what a coincidence oh very sorry krishnas grace while just reading rasakreeda varnanai beginning chapter usha raja told me guruji has sent a message today is sarath purnima i was just moved to see krishnas grace and our guru kripai what at an apt time they made me know the significance of the day actually it takes some tome to get posted in the site so I wud have come to know after finishing the reading hey krishna! guruji! what a mercy you are showering on this lonely lady who is very very far off from the punya bhoomi to be 100% true I really find no words to express my feelings for this karunyam !!!! radhekrishna radhekrishna radhekrishna radhekrishna innumerable times of radhekrishna only by this i can show my gratitude rkkr rkkrrkkr rkkr rkkr


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